Terrific Tapas with Silke van Loenen

Terrific Tapas with Silke van Loenen

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3 diciembre, 2022

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C/ Moratìn, 7

Food and travelling always have had Silke’s interest. She explored the world by plane, bus, boat, train, walking, car and bicycle. Over the years she has visited many few countries and cultures and got to know their food. She’s still hungry!

Silke started Ave Munde (“Hello World”) Cookbooks with nothing but love. An idea to transform her eldest niece’s dreams into reality. She wanted a cookbook filled with Spanish tapas recipes for her birthday and Silke simply couldn’t find one. So, Silke decided to write one for her! “You can either wait for something… or make it happen.”

She has created the perfect cookbook for those with little practice in the kitchen or who want to start learning how to cook delicious and authentic Spanish food. She made sure that every recipe is easy-to-follow and the cookbook is filled with a big variety of dishes to explore your inner chef.

The event includes a demonstration, an interview, question and answers, a book signing and some tapas!

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Seats available 27 (21 Left)
  • C/ Moratìn, 7
  • Madrid

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  • 3 diciembre, 2022 19:30   -   21:30