An Evening with Dr. Maria Correas-Amador

An Evening with Dr. Maria Correas-Amador

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17 noviembre, 2022

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C/ Moratìn, 7

Maria holds a PhD in Archaeology and her field of specialism is organic architecture and ethnoarchaeology. She has carried out extensive fieldwork in Egypt, as well as being a university lecturer and museum guide. She co-founded El Arpa, an initiative showcasing culture and arts through events, articles and a podcast (People Will Talk).

Her latest book, The Stuff of Life: Ancient Inspiration for Sustainable Living, asks a question: if our connection to nature is such an inherent part of us as humans, what is hindering it now? This exciting book also explores a world where our rate of consumption is not feasible, and it takes a look at how organic materials and ancestral knowledge can help us achieve a more sustainable society.

The evening will include an interview, question and answers, a book signing and refreshments.

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Seats available 27 (14 Left)
  • C/ Moratìn, 7
  • Madrid

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  • 17 noviembre, 2022 19:30   -   21:30